Hayat Essakkati

Hayat Essakkati

Partner – Investments & Business Development

Hayat Essakkati is the Partner in charge of the Investments and the Business Development of Owl Of Africa with a great understanding of the needs and challenges of foreign investors in Africa. The success of your project in Africa is Hayat’s primary priority.

After spending 4 years in international development with the World Bank Group and the African Development Bank, Hayat founded Maroc4Invest, a consulting firm for foreign agencies doing business in Morocco where she worked on education, health, banking and renewable energy projects across Africa.

Hayat has a BA in Public Administration and Cultural Anthropology from the Leiden University in the Netherlands and a MA in International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC, USA.

Hayat is a Dutch/ Moroccan national. Her passions are running, hiking and writing.

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